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‘Anpi Sesia Valley( association national of the partisans of italy) and the Anpi of northernwestern Piemont asked me, mauro and richard to my father’s valley. They wanted to … strengthen the organizational structure of each Anpi and exchange mutual assistance and collaboration with film makers who identify the importance of the Anpi of these areas of northern italy and the work of the Divisions of Garibaldi’ Brigades in the Sesia Valley, in the Biella, of Vercelli, the Novarese, the Verbano, Cusio and Ossola. They wanted to reiterate the crucial importance of historical memory, the memory, the values conveyed by the Resistance, the sacrifices made by the Italian people in the fight against fascism for the conquest of freedom. The Sesia commanders’ included Cino Moscatelli whose roadblocks stopped Mussolini getting over the Brenner pass They also contributed to giving Jews , displaced persons and over 400 prisoners of war safe passage into Switzerland. The film was produced by Christian Zanone -a glasgow born Actor of Italian and Scottish parentage who having spent a third of his life in Italy and being 1st generation Italian with dual British Citizenship wanted to convey his own peculiar vision of the culture of anti-fascism in modern post war Italy. He went back to Civiasco (an aristocratic village of italian emigrants from the piedmont, milan and spanish and swiss diaspora) which is his father’s village to explore the valley along with his crew Albino Mosquito(Mauro Camal, Richard Ramschurn) and the wonderful editor Tim Mitchell of Pollokshaws, Glasgow was to follow up with this trailer. The feeling is there’s either another trip out there in water or may be even a feature film in the making especially about the adventures of many British POWs who joined the Italian partisans to fight both Nazi’s and the Italian Fascists.