Productions & formation

Refuges For Communities were set up in 2003 to forge links between the arts communities of Scotland and England and in particular Glasgow and London, hence the original company name M1 M8 productions.  Productions then moved into film and community interest work especially in the field of rehabilitation, addicts in recovery and the emerging new migrant worker population who are also in need of a ‘refuge’ where they can express themselves artistically.

Any proceeds should be not for profit and will go towards bolstering the promotion of employment and human rights.Refuges for communities hopes one day to become community interest company (CommunAct) who work in Scotland and further afield to try to alleviate problems within our inner cities by offering advocacy, start uphelp in new accomadation, occupational health therapy by way of the expressive arts and finally training programmes where clients learn transferable skills in devising new work, across the mediums of art,theatre and film-all this using the viable product of events, new play readings, new performances of shows socially benefitting all involved whether they behind the scenes or not.


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